Alocasia Pink Dragon (young plant)


Alocasia ‘Pink Dragon’ is a tropical Asian beauty that cannot be missed in the home jungle. Its hallmark is narrow, heart-shaped and elongated leaves with a dark green color. The leaf blade impresses with its shiny surface, on which clearly bright, silvery lines of veins are outlined. They create a beautiful, contrasting pattern against the background of shiny, dark green leaves. The underside of the leaf is purple in color. The most characteristic of alocasia ‘Pink Dragon’ are very decorative, pink-colored, slender and long petioles. The variety is medium tall and reaches 60-70 cm, the leaves are relatively large and can be up to 40 cm long. The ‘Pink Dragon’ variety is a treat for collectors! It is rarely found on sale and will be a gem in your home plant collection.


dark green, large and glossy leaves
attractive leaf shape
striking silvery nerve pattern
pink petioles
unusual interior decoration
rarely found on sale
a rarity for collectors


Alocasia prefers fertile, humus, moderately moist, well-drained and drained soils. A suitable substrate is a universal substrate. The site should be bright, but not exposed to direct sunlight. The plant feels best at a temperature of around 18-21 degrees C. He loves high air humidity, so it is necessary to gently sprinkle it with soft water. The plant cannot be poured or dried. In winter, watering should be significantly reduced. From spring to autumn, we feed the alocasia every two weeks with fertilizer for plants with decorative leaves. Younger plants are transplanted in spring each year, in older plants it is enough to replace the top layer of the substrate.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 8.5 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 15 – 20 cm.