Begonia Amphioxus “Butterfly”


Begonia amphioxus is a showy, tropical gem, rarely found in the home jungle. In nature, it is also an extremely rare species, botanically only described 20 years ago. It grows in Indonesian rainforests, mainly in the dense tropics of Borneo, rising above moss cushions adjacent to steep, rocky cliffs. Its delightfully beautiful leaves catch the eye at first sight. They are narrow, strongly elongated, sharply pointed with characteristically indented and wavy edges. The upper side of the leaf blade is dotted with contrasting, large, red freckles that stand out against the background of juicy and bright green. The edges of the leaves are framed by an irregular, dark margin, emphasizing their slender shape. Thanks to the freckled pattern, the leaves are reminiscent of the color of tropical reptiles. The leaf blade is quite delicate and susceptible to mechanical damage. Begonia amphioxus as a mature plant forms an erect, moderately branched habit. At the base it develops new, slightly brittle and pink shoots that are up to 60 cm long. Stems often curve downwards under their own weight. This tropical beauty will be an original and extraordinary interior decoration. It is worth remembering that it requires high air humidity, but does not like direct sprinkling on the leaves.


  • showy, elongated and narrow leaf shape
  • green – red colors
  • contrasting, large, red freckles on the leaves
  • exotic look and original colored interior decoration
  • a very rare species on sale, a gem for collectors

Requirements and care

bright position with diffused light
avoid direct sunlight
light, permeable substrate, slightly acidic
watering with boiled, lukewarm water only when the top layer of the substrate is dry
does not tolerate excess water
the pot can be placed on a stand with moist pebbles
does not like sprinkling
in winter, watering should be limited
during the growing season, we feed it with diluted multi-component fertilizer


The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 6.5 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 12-18 cm.