Hoya carnosa Compacta


A very valuable and rare hoya variety with an impressive, spiky habit. It grows slowly, forming long, drooping shoots with corrugated, curled leaves, characteristic of the ‘Compacta’ form. Hoya ‘Compacta’ with age creates amazing, dangling garlands resembling thick braids. From time to time, clusters of not less original, fragrant, pink flowers appear at the ends of the shoots. It is a treat for collectors!

It grows slowly, but it compensates for patience with its original, unusual silhouette. It is a plant that is quite easy to grow, provided that the basic rules are followed: moderate watering, well-drained substrate and a clear position.


hardly available variety
unusual form of shoots
easy to care for
slow growth
interesting, fragrant flowers


requires a place without direct sunlight, especially in the afternoon hours
in the absence of sufficient light, it does not produce flowers
when the first buds appear, the plant should not be rearranged so as not to lose flowers
from spring to autumn, the soil should be constantly slightly moist, with regular watering
in winter, water it only to prevent it from drying out completely
has the ability to store water in its fleshy leaves, so it tolerates short periods of drought without much difficulty
likes well-drained and permeable soil
during flowering and active growth, fertilize the plant every 2-3 weeks with fertilizer for flowering plants
a suitable substrate is a universal substrate.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 12cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 35-40 cm.