Hoya Cumingiana


A lovely hoya which is characterized by a climbing or hanging habit. It is distinguished by quite stiff and upright shoots, so it is best to grow it next to trusses, attach it to, for example, bamboo frames or form it on a round headband. It also looks good in hanging containers. Hoya cumingiana impresses with its charming, small and round leaves. They are hard, waxy and grow on erect shoots at a short distance from each other. The shoots are lushly leafy and have short internodes, thanks to which the plant does not have long leafless fragments.

The yellow flowers of hoya cumingiana, gathered in umbels, are incredibly delightful. Single flowers look like made of porcelain, have petals tilted back, which brings to mind dynamic remiges. There is a strong color contrast on the flowers due to the brocade-colored lace. In addition to their charming appearance, the flowers also have an attractive fresh scent, reminiscent of the aroma of tropical fruits.


yellow star-shaped flowers with maroon caps
an attractive fragrance of flowers
small round leaves
easy care
climbing or hanging habit

Requirements and care

Hoya cumingiana is not very troublesome in cultivation and can withstand many neglect, but in order not to expose it to unnecessary stress, it is worth taking care of appropriate growing conditions. It prefers a site with lots of diffused light, with the leaves noticeable reddening if the light is too harsh. It feels best at temperatures between 15 ° C and 25 ° C and with high air humidity. He likes sprinkling.

Hoya does not tolerate excess and stagnant water, so the pot should have a lot of drainage holes, and the substrate must be permeable and well drained. A suitable substrate is a universal substrate. In summer, hoya is watered abundantly and regularly, but the substrate must dry out between watering. In winter, it is watered sparingly to prevent the leaves from sagging. During the growing season, the plant is fed once a week with fertilizer for flowering plants or orchids, using half the recommended dose.
Hoya is sensitive to changing places. It should not be moved, especially before and during flowering, as it may cause flowers and buds to fall.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 8 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 15-20 cm.