Hoya Kerrii Green


Hoja kerri is an unusual climbing plant originating in Asia, which grows up to 4 meters high. It is also called heart-shaped or Valentine’s Day, because of its charming heart-shaped leaves. It is very rarely found on sale as a plant with shoots, due to its very slow growth and difficult reproduction. Most often it can be found in stores in the form of a rooted leaf, which with a little luck only spends 1-2 years. The long shoots of this hoji are decorated with thick, fleshy, green leaves that grow opposite to each other on short, dark green petioles. In the summer, during flowering, inflorescences appear in the form of spherical, hanging umbels. They consist of a maximum of 25 small, cream-white star-shaped flowers with a pink, pink-purple crown. Dazzling, shiny flowers look as if they were covered with wax or made of porcelain. A rarity for collectors of amazing exotic plants!

The qualities of Hoya kerrii

  • original shape
  • beautiful green leaves in the shape of hearts
  • small, cream-pink flowers gathered in umbels
  • very rare species sold in this form

Requirements and care for Hoya kerrii

The plant feels best in a bright position with diffused light. The substrate should be permeable, fertile, humus, and drained. This species requires regular, moderate watering. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the soil dries between watering. Hoya kerrii requires high humidity, when it is too dry it may lose leaves. When the plant is growing, it is advisable to use supports.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 12 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 30-35 cm.