Monstera ‘Variegata’


Monstera ‘Variegata’ is a unique, sought-after and very valuable variety of the fashionable hollow monstera, which impresses with its impressive coloration. Its large leaves with characteristic notches are characterized by a beautiful variegated color. Sometimes the chlorophyll-free, cream-colored structure of the leaf tissue appears as an irregular accent on parts of the leaf blades, and sometimes it covers entire leaves or even fragments of shoots.

The holey Monstera is a strong, majestic climber with very large leaves. It grows slowly, eventually reaching considerable size. It is relatively easy to grow. The lionfish form requires a bit more light for an interesting coloration. Like the common monstera, the holey one does not tolerate direct sunlight. The variety ‘Variegata’ is very difficult to obtain, hence its high price and limited availability.

Advantages of the Monstera ‘Variegata:

  • magnificent, variegated, variegated leaves
  • interesting shape
  • interesting shape and form of the leaves
  • very limited availability of the variety
  • low cultivation requirements
  • Monstera care and cultivation


Monstera with holes is undemanding and easy to grow. If we want it to bloom beautifully, we must ensure its temperature of around 24 degrees C. In winter, we significantly reduce watering. This species does not tolerate excess water, so we only water the plant when the substrate is completely dry. Monstera deliciosa is a tropical plant and loves high air humidity. Leaves require regular sprinkling with soft water. Additionally, you can wipe them with a damp cloth, they remove accumulating dust from them. The best soil for cultivation is well-drained, well-drained and peaty. The site should be semi-shadowed, because the holey Monstera is sensitive to direct sunlight. We replant the plant once a year in the spring. For older specimens, it is enough to replace the top layer of earth. It is recommended to provide fertilizer for green plants on a regular basis.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 14 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 35-45 cm.