Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal’


Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal’ is a valued and sought-after variety due to the original color of the leaves and the intriguing variability of colors. The newly developing leaves are burgundy in color and turn dark green as they mature. Older leaves are so dark they appear black. In addition to their original color, they attract the eye with their large size – they can be up to 30 cm in length. Their lush, shiny surface gives the impression of being polished. It is worth remembering that the intensity of the color depends on the amount of light provided to the plant. The darker it is, the more faded leaves the plant will have. Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal’ grows up to approx. 60 cm tall, but needs a lot of space around it as it is almost 80 cm wide. It is one of the few houseplants with such dark and elegant leaves. A gem among philodendrons and a treat for collectors of unique plants!

Advantages of the Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal’:

  • color variation – initially the leaves are burgundy
  • dark, almost black leaves
  • large, oval and glossy leaves
  • fast growth
  • uncomplicated cultivation
  • original and elegant interior decoration


Philodendron is an undemanding plant that is easy to grow. It prefers a position that is slightly shaded with indirect sunlight. The best temperature for him will be between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Avoid drafts and keep the soil constantly moist. A suitable substrate is a universal substrate. Philodendrons prefer high air humidity of about 70%. The plant should be fertilized with green plant fertilizer once every two weeks from spring to autumn.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 12 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 25-30 cm.