Philodendron Verrucosum



A phenomenal pot plant captivating with its extraordinary leaf coloration. This is one of the most decorative species of philodendron. Rare and practically unreachable on the public market of exotic ornamental plants! It grows up to about 100-120 cm tall. The enormous beauty of the plant are the stunning beauty of the leaves, which look as if they were intricately cut from velvet fabric. They have a dark green color and clear, cream-green innervation, creating an effective drawing. The element that makes this species of philodendron extremely beautiful and constitutes an additional ornament to the plant is the underside of the leaf blade. It is covered with purple-red spots forming a flame pattern. Large, shimmering heart-shaped leaves are initially light green, and with age acquire a darker color. This phenomenon creates a fantastic color complement. Elegant leaf petioles have a purple color and are covered with delicate hairs, giving the whole a unique charm. Philodendron verrucosum will add a tropical climate to any interior. A unique genre especially recommended to collectors.

Advantages of the papillary philodendron:

  • impressive colors
  • velvet surface of the leaf blade
  • extremely rare variety
  • interesting shape and arrangement of leaves
  • exotic look
  • original interior decoration


Philodendron verrucosum prefers positions slightly shaded with indirect sunlight. The best for him will be a temperature of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. The substrate should be well drained, rich and porous. Avoid drafts and keep the surface slightly moist constantly. The plant should be fed with fertilizer with a balanced composition during the growing season. This species requires high humidity, which is why it is worth placing the pot on a base with moist pebbles.