Syngonium Mottled (young plant)


Syngonium Mottled is a unique rarity that will surely please collectors of new and sought-after varieties. This hard-to-get climber impresses with large, sagittal and highly elongated leaves with a variegated color in various shades of green with a creamy note. The leaf blade has very deep indentations at the base and on the sides, which divide it into three parts. The leaves have slightly wavy edges, which gives the whole plant a bit of airiness. Peculiar to the Mottled variety are the finely spotted, dark and light green spots that cover the entire leaf blade. Some leaves also have cream and light yellow freckled discoloration, which makes each leaf unique and original speckled. The plant forms a climbing habit, so it should be grown next to supports, e.g. by stakes covered with moss. You can also systematically trim its shoots and lead them in the form of a compact clump, thus limiting the growth in height. As the shoots grow, they will start to sprout air roots, thanks to which the plant in nature climbs trees and other supports and draws moisture from the atmosphere.

Features of Syngonium Mottled:

large, sagittate, speckled leaves
creamy – green color
leaves richly speckled with fine spots
the uniqueness of coloring and patterns on the leaves
climbing habit
undemanding cultivation and care
a rarity for collectors of unique varieties


bright and warm position, but without direct sunlight
loose, permeable, rich substrate
intensive watering during the growth period
in winter, watering is limited
from April to August fertilization with fertilizer for plants with decorative leaves
pruning young shoots helps to strengthen them

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 7 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 15-20 cm.