Syngonium ‘Red Spot’


Syngonium ‘Red Spot’ is one of the unique, feverishly sought-after varieties with exceptionally decorative leaves. It delights with its green-pink, variegated coloring, with a large percentage of the leaf blade covered with spectacular pink discoloration, spots and spots. Each leaf is uniquely colored, and pure pink may cover the leaf blade even fully or partially, contrasting with the green of the adjacent half of the leaf. Green in many places has a grayish, matte shade, which is created by mixing this color with pink, but on many leaves green colors can also be intense and deeply saturated. The leaves are arrow-shaped, initially juvenile leaves are entire edges, with time divided into 3-incisal leaves and when mature they take a fan-like shape. Syngonium is naturally a climbing plant, but initially forms a compact and densely leafed clump. In the case of elongation and excessive stretching of the shoots, the plant can be trimmed a little or long shoots led along the supports. The ‘Red Spot’ variety will delight not only collectors of the recently popular variegata forms and lovers of pink leaves. It will also be a wonderful and unique specimen that can spark a passion for collecting this species.

Advantages of the Syngonium ‘Red Spot’:

  • climbing habit
  • phenomenal, green – pink, motley color
  • striking, arrow-shaped leaves
  • color variability and unpredictability
  • a unique and hard-to-reach variety
  • undemanding cultivation


bright and warm position, but without direct sunlight
loose, permeable, rich substrate
intensive watering during the growth period
in winter, watering is limited
from April to August fertilization with fertilizer for plants with decorative leaves
pruning young shoots helps to strengthen them

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 12 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx.25-35 cm.