Xanthosoma lindenii


Xanthosoma lindenii belongs to the same family as philodendrons and is cultivated in a similar way. It is named after the Belgian biologist John Linden, who studied tropical plants in Colombia in the early 19th century. The plant lives in the undergrowth of Colombian rain forests, where it grows to a height of 1.5 meters. Its foliage grows alternately, thanks to which the plant maintains a dense, bushy room. The leaves can reach up to 45 cm in length. Xanthosoma is characterized by large, showy, sagittal leaves with a sharply indented, heart-shaped base that makes the leaf resemble angel wings. Expressive, cream-colored nerves arranged in a feather against the background of a dark green plate give the plant an extravagant character. Stems covered with a delicate, brown fluff will not escape the attention of lovers of details. The flowers are inconspicuous, characteristic of picture plants – they have no ornamental value. Xanthosoma propagation is possible by dividing the rhizomes in the root ball. The plant contains calcium oxalate crystals, so it can be irritating to the skin and toxic to animals. It is a rare collector’s rarity that will decorate a living room or a bedroom.


contrasting, creamy innervation
leaf shape resembling angel wings
collectible plant
suitable for beginners
bushy habit


Xanthosoma lindenii is a plant with the simplicity of cultivation similar to a philodendron. Prefers a bright position with diffused light. In the autumn and winter period, it is well illuminated. Too little sun can cause petioles to lengthen too much. Periodically, you can rotate the pot 180 degrees in order to evenly illuminate each side of the plant and maintain its tufted habit. The biggest problem with caring for a Xanthosoma is watering it too often which can lead to rotting of the roots. Therefore, before each watering, it is worth waiting for the substrate to dry. To reduce the risk of overflow, remember to transplant the plant to well-drained, fertile ground. You can compose the substrate mixture yourself, using coconut chips, pine bark, perlite or pumice. During the growing season, the plant should be strengthened with fertilizer for green plants as suggested on the packaging. Due to its tropical origin, Xanthosoma will appreciate increased air humidity – at least 50-60%.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 14 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 40-45 cm.