Terms & Conditions

I warmly welcome

Dear buyer
Read the information below before purchasing.

I sell house plants. My specialty is mainly succulents, cacti, other exotic plants. The experience gained over the years, both in the cultivation of indoor plants and their packaging and safe transport of cuttings, guarantees the satisfaction of my clients – lovers of exotic plants.
I offer seedlings sold in pots. I try to constantly expand the range, paying special attention to rare, species. Almost inaccessible in stationary stores and florists. While offering very affordable prices.

I am a one-person small shop and unfortunately, I don’t have time to take, edit and upload photos of all plants at all stages of development at different ages. That’s why I use a sample image that shows the appearance of a plant and/or flower.
The photo is an example but gives a reliable picture of the plant being sold.
The plant in the example picture is not always the plant to be delivered. Ultimately delivered may be slightly different.

We apologize for any inconvenience

The package I offer goes to your hands in two to three days in Great Britain.
Three to five days in the EU
Please pick it up as soon as possible.
Remember !!! There are live plants inside !!!

For buyers in Great Britain – 14 days for complaint. Return at the buyer’s expense
For buyers in EU countries – a complaint within 14 days. Return at the buyer’s expense
For buyers in countries outside the EU – I do not accept complaints. The buyer takes the risk.
If the complaint is accepted, I will refund the money, I will not send the plants.
I DO NOT refund costs for unclaimed shipments.

I wish you successful shopping. Always at your service.