Anthurium Crystallinum ‘Silver Blush’ (young plant)


Anthurium crystallinum ‘Silver Blush’ is a rare collector’s cultivar Anthurium crystallinum, whose natural habitat is the undergrowth of tropical forests of the Americas. The shape and shape of these anthurias are similar, but ‘Silver Blush’ has much wider, silvery nerves scattered over the surface of the gill. In the case of Anthurium crystallinum the veins are thinner and the dominant color of the leaves is dark green. Under favorable conditions, heart-shaped leaves can reach approx. 45 cm in width, while the entire plant grows to approx. 90 cm in height. The habit of Anthurium crystallinum ‘Silver’ is loose, the shoots have long petioles, often a slightly darker shade of green than the rest of the plant. Anthurium crystallinum ‘Silver’ produces its beautiful, leathery leaves alternating with flowers that are not ornamental. The mesh of the metallic mosaic of Anthurium crystallinum ‘Silver’ nerves catches the eye with its brilliance and makes this exotic plant an original decoration of any interior. This is a real treat for Anthurium lovers.


silver innervation
velvety heart-shaped leaves
simple cultivation
exotic interior decoration
a collector’s rarity


Anthuriums like warm and well-lit places, but not in direct sunlight. It feels good near an east or north-east window, a warm and bright bathroom will also be a great place for anthurium. Requires a fairly high constant temperature and high air humidity. He likes sprinkling. The temperature should not fall below 18 ° C, even in winter. The substrate should be airy and permeable, slightly acidic. A suitable substrate is a universal substrate. It should be watered with soft, preferably boiled water. The substrate should be constantly slightly moist, but be careful not to overflow the plant. During the growing season, fertilize plants with decorative leaves every 2 weeks with half the recommended dose given on the packaging. Anthurium hates cold drafts and temperature fluctuations.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 9 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 20 – 25cm.