Monstera dubia


Monstera dubia
A rare, unlike any other species of monstera. In nature, we can meet her in Honduras, Brazil and Peru. Attractive due to the interesting silver drawing of the veins against the background of green leaves. Monstera dubia is a typical climber, but it has a specific way of climbing over supports, resembling ivy. It tightly wraps around ladders, nets or stakes. The original way is to lead the monstera on a flat board, on which it climbs, presenting regular, tile-like foliage. Hence the English name of the “shingle” monstera. She grows fast but doesn’t need a lot of space around her and is very easy to grow. It can be recommended even to novice pot plant growers.

Advantages of the Monstera dubia:

  • decorative leaves with a clear pattern
  • an unusual way of climbing over supports
  • easy to grow
  • fast growth
  • a collector’s item


Monstera dubia requires a bright post with diffused light. The best substrate is a fertile and well-drained mixture. Monstera cannot be poured as it may cause root rot, leaves yellowing and fungal lesions. It is best to let the soil in the pot dry between waterings. Due to its rapid growth, it should be fed green plant fertilizer from spring to autumn. Monstera dubia will certainly thrive better in high air humidity, so it is worth placing its pot on a stand filled with wet expanded clay or using a humidifier.


The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 12 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 60-70 cm.