Philodendron ‘Lemon Lime’


Philodendron ‘Lemon Lime’ is an extraordinary variety with beautiful, bright golden foliage. The species is found in the wild in Central and South America. At home, this absolutely unique and exceptional potted plant grows up to about 90 cm in height. It has large, oblong leaves set on contrasting red petioles. Dreamlike leaf blades attract the eye with their fantastic color. Initially, they are neon yellow in color, then – as they mature – take on a lime-green shade. Beautiful colors are additionally emphasized by a slightly lighter main nerve running through the center of the lamina. This variety is easy to grow, it will introduce a cheerful color accent to any interior.

Advantages of the Philodendron ‘Lemon Lime’:

  • attractive habit
  • the ability to clean the air of harmful toxins.
  • contrasting red petioles
  • unique, bright golden color
  • easy to grow plant


Philodendron is an undemanding plant that is easy to grow. It prefers a position that is slightly shaded with indirect sunlight. The best temperature for him will be between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Avoid drafts and keep the soil constantly moist. A suitable substrate is a universal substrate. Philodendrons prefer high air humidity of about 70%. The plant should be fertilized with green plant fertilizer once every two weeks from spring to autumn.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 9 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 20-25 cm.