Hoya Macrophylla


Hoya Macrophylla Albomarginata is a climber that is distinguished by large, beautiful, variegated leaves with an expressive pattern. Its long, climbing or hanging shoots in nature can grow up to 1 – 2 meters in length. In indoor cultivation, growth will be less. Hoya macrophylla boasts one of the largest leaves of the hoi tree. They can be 15 – 20 cm long and 5 -7 cm wide, have a lanceolate shape and delight with their original drawing and interesting, slightly convex-concave, waffle texture. The dark green leaf blade is covered with a network of light green and cream veins, and the cobweb of lines creates a very decorative mosaic pattern. In addition, the leaves are outlined with a cream border that clearly emphasizes their shape. In colder temperatures, as well as under intense lighting, the leaves acquire a pink discoloration, especially in the creamy margins. In the spring and summer season, spherical umbels of small, pale pink, star-shaped flowers with a diameter of about 25 mm bloom on the plant. They give off a specific smell that is most intensely felt at night, while during the day the flowers remain almost odorless.


climbing or hanging habit
large leaves with an interesting texture
decorative mosaic pattern and cream border
fragrant, spherical umbels of pale pink flowers
collector’s plant

Requirements and care:

Hoya is an easy and graceful plant to grow indoors. Accustomed to harsh conditions in nature, it does not require excessive care and care in the apartment. However, it is worth remembering about its mountain origin and the need for high air humidity. Prefers a warm position with lots of diffused light. It tolerates drought quite well, but the substrate should not be completely dry. However, it is very sensitive to water stagnation and overflow, so the pot should have a lot of drainage holes, and the substrate must be permeable and well drained. It grows best in tight containers, alongside supports or in a hanging form.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 15 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 40-50 cm.