Hoya Krohniana Splash


Hoya Krohniana is a captivating new species that has been extracted from Hoya lacunosa. It is native to the Philippines and was named after the botanist Philip Krohn. It delights with small, green leaves with a charming, heart-shaped shape. They grow on long shoots opposite in pairs at a short distance from each other and are set on thick petioles. The leaves are 1.5 – 3.5 cm long and 1.5 – 2.5 cm wide. The leaf blade is small, but fleshy and thick with a glossy surface, with a slightly convex innervation. Depressions are formed on the surface of the lamina between the nerve mesh, giving it a slightly crimped texture. The plant blooms from spring to late summer with inflorescences composed of 15 to 25 individual small flowers, approx. 8 mm in diameter, which gradually bloom over 2 – 3 weeks. The flowers are creamy white with a yellow center, have a star shape, and their surface is covered with fine hairs that give them optical softness. An additional advantage is the strong scent – most noticeable in the evening. The flowers last for about 4-5 days and produce little nectar. Hoya Krohniana requires a prior period of cooler temperatures to bloom..

Advantages of “Krohniana ‘Green”

  • climbing or overhanging habit
  • fine leaves
  • attractive, heart-shaped leaves
  • interesting texture of the leaves
  • fragrant, creamy white flowers
  • low requirements

    Requirements and care for Hoya ” Krohniana Green'”

Hoya is an easy and graceful plant to grow indoors. Accustomed to harsh conditions in nature, it does not require excessive care and attention in the apartment. However, it is worth remembering about its mountain origin and the need for high air humidity. Prefers a warm position with lots of diffused light. It tolerates drought quite well, but the substrate should not be completely dry. However, it is very sensitive to water stagnation and overflow, so the pot should have a lot of drainage holes, and the substrate must be permeable and well drained. A suitable substrate is a universal substrate. It grows best in tight containers, alongside supports or in a hanging form.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 12 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 25-30 cm.