Hoya Wayetti ‘Tricolor’ or Hoya Kentiana ‘Variegata’


Hoya Kentiana ‘Variegata’ or Hoya Wayetti ‘Tricolor’
It is a climber that impresses with its unique coloring of its leaves. Native to the Philippines, this multi-colored green-leaved hoya Wayetti dazzles with a picturesque array of colors. Grown in a bright position with diffused light, it has a varied and intense color palette, ranging from green to red. In darker places, the leaves are greener. The long leafy shoots are elongated, lanceolate and thick leaves with a shiny surface and a pointed tip, which are approximately 5-9 cm long and 2 cm wide. They color the shades of green, cream, yellow, pink, lime and red. The edges of the leaves are slightly wavy, and their shape is emphasized by a dark green, thin margin. The youngest leaves are pink in color, which changes to creamy yellow and lime over time, leaving a delicate crimson red. Hoya Wayetti ‘Tricolor’ blooms with spherical umbels of purple flowers, gathered 20-30 in a single inflorescence. Their surface is smooth and free from the fine hairs seen in many other hoias. The flowers give off a sweet caramel smell and stay in good condition for about 7 days. Hoya ‘Tricolor’ is recommended to be grown in hanging containers near an east-facing window.

Advantages of Hoya Kentiana ‘Variegata’ or Hoya Wayetti ‘Tricolor’

  • climbing or overhanging habit
  • picturesque, diverse and changeable colors
  • original, elongated and narrow leaf shape with wavy edges
  • a palette of many colors – from green, through cream, yellow and pink to red
  • beautiful inflorescences of burgundy color
  • fragrant flowers
  • suitable for growing in hanging pots

    Requirements and care Hoya Kentiana ‘Variegata’ or Hoya Wayetti ‘Tricolor’

Hoya is an easy and graceful plant to grow indoors. Accustomed to harsh conditions in nature, it does not require excessive care and attention in the apartment. However, it is worth remembering about its mountain origin and the need for high air humidity. Prefers a warm position with lots of diffused light. It tolerates drought quite well, but the substrate should not be completely dry. However, it is very sensitive to water stagnation and overflow, so the pot should have a lot of drainage holes, and the substrate must be permeable and well drained. A suitable substrate is a universal substrate. It grows best in tight containers, alongside supports or in a hanging form.

The plant is sold in a pot with a diameter of 12 cm. Plant height measured with the pot is approx. 20-25 cm.